CAC Achievers Golden Partners (Soul Winning in full scale)



Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name. I received a message at Atlanta Georgia on the 10th of June 2019 around 4:36am Nigerian time. And by the dealings of God with me when the set time of an instruction comes, i move, and the movement has brought achievers this far.

Now is another time to move on the instruction of God in his next agenda for Achievers DCC family, and as you know God’s word never fails. What  he says he  can do. I pray that as we move together in unveiling word of God, we shall experience achievement all around.

The message I received from God concerning the ministry of reconciliation which by grace God has deposited into my hands is that:

There shall be anointed personalities called ACHIEVERS GOLDEN       PARTNERS. These individuals will God raise to support the Work.


SOUL WINNING in Villages, Rural areas, Towns and Cities.



The body of crusade in Achievers DCC is known as JPC( Jesus Power Crusade). This platform reaches out to diverse villages, towns, cities as instructed by God and even now we have been instructed to have 5 annually. And as directed by God we don’t collect offerings in our crusade except on the last day for the  thanksgiving of the success of the crusade.


In order to reach the unreached, radio media is another outlet of doing this. This outlet features soul winning messages, prayers for Deliverance and Achievers hour program etc.


This is an enhanced means of reaching out to souls in their homes, workplace, etc


Free distribution on crusade ground and strategic places.


We have been doing this and still want to continue. This has been of Greater impact on  the Society at large, reaching all souls irrespective of their religion or creed .


This will include free test and medical counselling that will be given to people in our crusades.


This ministry has been of help to the less privileged in giving out scholarship to them. And we decided to reach out to more and send many off the street back to school.


This will feature messages and inspirational write ups and also contain development in Achievers DCC.


Members of ACHIEVERS GOLDEN PARTNERS will enjoy the following;

Because they obey the word of God, the Lord said He will always honour, support and answer their prayers. The Lord said He will make their children to ride on high places. The Lord said I should tell His people that they will know no shame in their lives. That the Lord will make them different from their mates and families. The Lord also said He will partner with them financially, devourers shall be rebuked and He will satisfy them with long life.

They shall be entitled to newsletter and magazines as at when due. Meetings shall be twice per year for prayers and interactions. Access to my direct line in case of emergency for good.