Church Programme

It is pertinent to mention some of the church programs through which the Lord has being greatly blessing and multiplying us.


Monday-Friday- 6am-6.20 am- IRE OWURO (GOODNESS AT DAWN) Online radio
Tuesday: 5Pm –6Pm – Dynamic Biblical Teaching
Wednesday: 9am – 11 am– Achievers Hour Offa
Thursday: 9am – 11am – Achievers Hour Ilorin
Friday: 10 am – 12 noon – Achievers Hour Ikirun
Saturday 7pm- 7.30- Children & Teenagers half hour online radio
Sunday: 8am – 9 am – Sunday School
9am – 12 Noon – Sunday Service


  • Every first Friday of the month: Ilorin vigil tagged “Joyful Night” comes up by 11am – 5am
  • There also a special interdenominational service tagged “3rd Sunday” which come up every 3rd Sunday of the month by 8am – 2Pm
  • Beginning the month with God: come up every first day of the month by 6am – 7am.



We have two interdenominational service programs that comes up twice in a year.
1. Anointing Service – 3rd Sunday of Every January 8am – 2am
3rd Sunday of every July 8am – 2pm
2. Children Rain – 3rd Saturday of every April 12noon – 7pm
3rd Saturday of every October 12noon– 7pm